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Founder of online beauty store 'The Science of Beauty'

You will usually find Stacey wrapped in her work, gardening, creating something around skin perfection and Appearance Medicine, or exploring the world. Stacey sources great products from New Zealand and around the world for her deluxe e-boutique for skin, body, health and beauty - 'The Science of Beauty’. We get under her skin to discover her love of travel, movies and her top picks for absolute skin health.

My personal style can be described as: Eclectic at best, influenced by my amazing stylists at my clinic Beautiphi - let's also call it comfortable - and I love colour!

The last thing I bought and truly loved was: I know you all expect me to say something about clothing, but my love has always been beautiful collections of things in the house.  Now it has spilled out into the garden (mostly due to lack of space inside now). My prize possession at the moment is a garden sculpture by Adam Shuter.  I have 2 - one is a Maori bust or head and the other is a stunning dandelion.


An unforgettable place I have travelled to:  So hard to decide. I love Capri - I love Italy - but I also love Brazil.  I think the vitamin D in the sun in these places makes me feel amazing, and I’m not a person to go into the sun too often.  Both places are relaxed and have so much to offer, especially if you like to walk and see amazing history, and if you love great food and beautiful things.  These are the things I love to check out when I travel.

Next place I’d like to go:  Well I have a granddaughter about to join our world in New York in September.  I used to live there and I have many wonderful friends in New York.  New York is an amazing place.  I really want to see India and Africa too.  So much yet to do!  

On my wishlist is: A fabulous garden and good health for my family and friends.

My indulgence I can't do without: Chocolate and TV in the bedroom.

My favourite movie ever is: Out of Africa.

The gadget I can't do without: Gadgets! My iPhone and computer.

The people I rely on for my wellbeing are: My partner Aaron, and my friends.

I recently discovered: The Doctor's Kitchen - Eat to beat Illness.  I am fighting some chronic illnesses and have been going through a phase of looking into gut health and microbiomes.  I like the Metagenics microbiome test at Beautiphi.  It studies your microbiome in a laboratory for a month and then our amazing nutritionist Bronwen interprets the analysis for you.  Then you can tell which foods you should avoid and which to eat more of, specifically for you, and if you may need some other support for your gut to help you get healthier.   It’s really helping me.

My favourite book ever: Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts.

My favourite website is: My clinic site, Beautiphi, and 'The Science of Beauty' site of course.

I can't miss an episode of: Westside.

My favourite artist is: Mark Ryden - just amazing.

My last truly impressive meal was at: Azabu in Auckland.

The best gift I ever received was: A giant Mark Ryden book of his art - super amazing and from a dear friend.


The beauty products I can't do without:  Noon In Depth Filler Serum, Tizo sunscreen - which comes in both tinted and untinted forms, Epi Turnover Boosting Peeling Gel- omg super great for my skin - and Circadia cellulite cream.


My favourite beauty treatment: Age Jet.  It’s painless, it tightens skin, removes pigment without taking away my natural colour, and there is no downtime.  It also kills all the bacteria in your skin so it kills acne.  Find it at Beautiphi.

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