Post Procedure fluid

Post Procedure fluid

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Soothing Aftercare Fluid

Specially designed for professional use, POST PROCEDURE helps in enhancing the skin’s regeneration and provides protection after an aesthetic procedure.
Size: 200ml


    •  Post procedure needs (redness and irritations)

    •  Irritated and sensitized skin


Support the skin’s regeneration processes following an in-clinic procedure with the new Teoxane Post Procedure Soothing Aftercare Fluid.

This light and nourishing lotion has been specially created to soothe, hydrate and strengthen weakened skin during the crucial days following a procedure. Arnica calms sensitive skin while specialist ingredients prevent the development of bacteria and protect delicate skin against irritation. Used in the days following a treatment, skin heals and improves faster, ensuring downtime is significantly reduced.

Suitable for sensitive and delicate skin types, apply a generous amount to the skin and reapply regularly in the days following a treatment.


    •  Neutrazen - Smoothes the skin inflammation

    •  Arnica (3%) - Soothes & calms

    •  AntarticineTM - Helps the skin healing process

    •  Chlorexidine digluconate - Purifies


After the aesthetic procedures, your skin will immediately be soothen and protected. The redness and inflammation will be reduced and your comfort restored.

Apply a generous amount to targeted areas following an in-clinic procedure. Apply multiple times a day for best results. Can be used immediately after treatment and in the days afterwards.

If you are new to this product or any of its ingredients, we recommend completing a patch test first.