12 Sensational Seasonal Looks for This Christmas Time

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Are you looking for the perfect outfit to celebrate the festive season in style? Whether you're attending Christmas parties and gatherings, or want to look your best from day to day, here's a great selection of seasonal looks that will help make this holiday special. If you are here to find makeup boxes in NZ, this will be worth reading. So get ready to spruce up your wardrobe with these lovely seasonal looks - perfect for any occasion!

How to Choose Christmas Makeup Looks?

Keep versatility and ease in mind when selecting a makeup look for the Christmas season. Remember that your colour palette should be festive but subtle. A smoky eye is always a great option, as it pairs perfectly with any holiday outfit. If you are looking for more of a subtle yet vibrant look, consider a classic red lip with a natural, light eye accompanied by warm browns and plums. Once you've chosen your desired look, select hints of glimmer throughout your complexion to add dimension to your face. Highlighting concealer and less shimmery highlighter can work miracles when applied in the right places. Makeup looks should always be moderate during the holidays - less is more!

Classy Christmas Makeup Looks

With the holiday season in full swing, ensuring your look remains classy and timeless is essential. To achieve this, consider using natural shades and tones and subtle sparkles to amplify your Christmas makeup. For eyes, switch out intense smoky looks for soft metallics like icy blues, silver, or corrector foundation concealer. 

1. Classic Red Lip with a Bold Wing / Romantic Red on Red 

The classic red lip with a bold wing is a timeless look that will never go out of style. Take it up a notch during the holiday season by adding a romantic red-on-red look. Start by layering two different shades of paints for the lips: applying a bright and pigmented red option first, followed by a matte true-red colour—line the eyes in black or deep brown for a bit of extra sparkle and an enhanced effect. Complete your festive makeover with some voluminous lashes and a wispy winged liner to take your look from classic to modern glamour. This combination will give you all you need to make the Christmas holidays look picture-perfect!

2. Emerald Eyes

With Christmas fast approaching, Emerald Eyes is the perfect finishing touch to your festive look. This chic eye makeup look features a brilliant pop of aqua green to refresh any winter wardrobe. Thanks to its neutral base and smoky finish, this makeup look can be used for a casual day out or an evening holiday. Best of all, it's easy to do with just two products in minutes - our specially formulated long-wear eyeshadow palette and volumizing mascara will add a sparkling highlight without the fuss. Get your glowing emerald eyes for Christmas today!

3. The Shimmery Gold

Nothing exudes festive joy and celebratory vibes like gold during the holiday season. Whether brightening your home or catching everyone's eye at a Christmas party, donning gold can help you get into a jolly mood faster. And there's no better way to embody these exuberant vibes than sparkling your look with shimmery gold makeup. With the right combination of star-shaped glitters, nude lipstick, and metallic eyelids, you can create a gorgeous yet subtle golden look that will have you feeling like a modern-day goddess. You can be sure to turn heads while achieving an alluring look for the festive season.

4. All That Glitters

If you want to add a touch of sparkle to your wardrobe this holiday, an all-glitter look may be just the ticket. This eye-catching outfit is perfect for a special occasion or a night out. The key to getting the look right starts with choosing pieces in the same colour palette - think silver and gold tones or festive hues like red and green. A decorative mini skirt or bodycon dress are great options for a daring head-turner style. Still, if you're looking for something more subdued, sparkling sweaters or statement beading can carry you through the season in classic holiday fashion. Always accessorize with plenty of glittering shoes, bags, and jewellery for maximum impact.

5. Sculpted Blush

With the holidays fast approaching, it's time to think about some new makeup ideas, and a sculpted blush is one of the must-haves to achieve that festive look. Sculpted blushes are designed to create contours that accentuate your cheeks, giving you the perfect balance of colour and shape. They come in cream and powder formulas to get the best finish for your skin type. To apply a sculpted blush, use a blush brush to sweep across your cheekbones before blending with a fingertip for easy blending. Finish off with a light dusting of bronzer or highlighter for extra dimension and depth. With some practice, sculpted blush will become part of your makeup routine!

6. Green Goddess

The 'green goddess' look is a trend dominating the fashion scene this Christmas season. Its bold yet graceful combination of colours gives an aura of resolute self-confidence. This chic style can be achieved in multiple ways, with the essential elements being statement greens, subtle whites and pops of golden hues. Whether opting for a classic festive suit or something more daring to up the style stakes, such as a patterned knit with mixing and matching trousers, there are endless possibilities for accessorizing with green goddess vibes.

7. Frosty Silvers / The Winter Wonderland / Let It Snow

For those looking to capture the spirit and beauty of a Winter Wonderland, Frosty Silvers has the perfect solution. The magical blend of silvery blues, whites, and frosty teal creates the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable celebration. With a combination of two complementary colours balanced in ratio and depth, Frosty Silvers offers a simply stunning look. Complete this magical palette with shimmering gold decorations to create an intimate Christmas atmosphere that will be remembered for years. 

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8. Beautiful Berries

With the holiday season fast approaching, why not give your Christmas look a festive update with beautiful berries? In shades of red, white and green – all classic holiday colours – these timeless berries add an understated but beautiful touch to everything from wreaths and garlands to centrepieces and table decorations. And they're also ideal for creating a genuinely traditional sleigh ride or winter wonderland scene! Whether you're looking to add a colourful flourish to your Christmas decor or create a stunning tablescape arrangement, beautiful berries make your celebration magical this year.

9. The Christmas Colours

Red and green are traditional Christmas colours, but there is no hard and fast rule about what colours to choose for a festive look. Various hues can be used to create a unique touch to the holiday season. Consider embracing shades inspired by nature with evergreen tones combined with vibrant oranges and yellows, or inject joy into your Christmas style with bright blues and purples. Whatever colour palette you decide on, make sure it reflects the spirit of love and joy Christmas brings!

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10. The Dark Bold / Wine-derful

The Dark, Bold / Wine-derful look is a trend that has been gaining significant attention during the Christmas period. This chic, up-to-date look features dark, bold and dramatic tones that create an understated yet eye-catching result. With the darkest shades of burgundy, navy and midnight blue, this edgy combination looks stunning with classic and contemporary styles. Choose from various materials, including velvet and tulle, to find the perfect outfit for a memorable holiday celebration. Make an entrance this season with the Dark Bold / Wine-derful for Christmas look – sure to make your statement of sophistication stand out among the crowd!

11. Subtle Pastel

For this holiday season, subtle pastels are the latest trend for Christmas looks. From soft, muted blues to gentle pink greens, these soft shades make a perfect addition to any festive wardrobe. Wear them in a delicate floral print dress, or combine pale shades of blue and yellow for a more modern take. Subtle pastels look fantastic with statement pieces like pumps or sparkly necklaces. Add an extra touch of understated glamour for your Christmas look with subtle pink and cream tones paired with on-trend items such as metallic accents and lace embroidery. Whether you're looking for a formal Christmas party outfit or a casual day out, subtle pastels provide the perfect option to ensure your style remains playful and unique.

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12. Warm Neutrals

This Christmas season, warm neutrals make the perfect choice for a stylish and classic look. Neutral shades can be incorporated into any outfit, making them ideal for all occasions. Choose from timeless nudes, beiges and browns to add an air of sophistication to your festive wardrobe. Whether you're looking to make a statement in head-to-toe monochrome or accent a vibrant look, there is something timeless and elegant about neutral shades. Add glimmer by combining subtle accessories, such as sequins and glitter, for the perfect Christmas look that will have you shining all holiday season.

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With these twelve stunning seasonal looks, you will look fabulous no matter where you go this holiday season! We have covered you from office parties to Christmas Eve celebrations and everything in between - the best part is that none of these looks requires much time or effort. So, now there's no excuse not to look your best this holiday season!

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