Powerhouse of the Cell - Vitamin A

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If you want your treatments to work really well, you need to arm yourself with Vitamin A. Imagine trying to lift a heavy table without having built a muscular structure - you just can’t do it. If you prepare by lifting weights for a few weeks and then lift the table - you can! Vitamin A builds and prepares your skin cells in the same way.

Vitamin A – the powerhouse of the cell – stimulates the fibroblasts under the skin to stimulate production of more collagen and elastin.

It also helps to slough-off dead cells and decrease pigmentation – a must in your skin perfecting arsenal.

Healing Power

If you are struggling with acne, and many of us do from time to time, Vitamin A helps heal and aid the repair of damaged skin.

The more intense the yellow colour of the Vitamin A, the stronger it is.

Sun Damage

Treat your sun damage – the dry, pigmented skin you get as you age after too many sun sessions. Vitamin A makes a world of difference to sun-damaged skin. Try Innoderma Dark Spot Eraser to treat dry or sun damaged skin.

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